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Money Scented Soapy Smith Soap

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Play along with our version of Soapy Smith's original con! Soapy and his gang conned thousands while living in Creede from 1892-1894. Soapy would sell bars of soap and tell the ever-growing crowd that several bars in the batch had $100 bills wrapped around them, needless to say people bought the soap hoping to win big! Unfortunately the only people who won the $100 were Smith's fellow con-men! Unlike Soapy's con, each bar of Soapy Smith Soap sold at Creede Soap & Candle Co. will contain either a quarter or $1 coin!

What will you get in your bar $1 or .25 cents? There is only one way to see, scrub-a-dub-dub!!!!

Glycerin Soap Base, Color, Fragrance Oil and either $1 or .25 cents!


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